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VALIUM – 10 mg  30 – Pills

"Valium acts by enhancing the effects

of gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain"

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"Is a neurotransmitter that inhibits activity in the brain"

Valium (Diazepam) is used for the treatment of mental illnesses, during rehabilitation after traumatic brain injuries, in case of neuroses and tantrums.

In pharmacies, Valium is recommended as a proven:

  • sleeping pill;
  • anxiolytic agent;
  • sedative drug.

Pharmacological action

 Valium is classified as an anxiolytic substance, is purchased as a trusted tranquilizer (benzodiazepine series). This drug belongs to the pharmaceutical group of psycholeptics, which:

  • depresses the psyche and general activity of a person with nervous and mental abnormalities;
  • relaxes muscle tissue;
  • normalizes the action of the brain in organic lesions of individual areas and cerebrovascular disease;
  • calms the psyche of psychopaths, schizophrenics;
  • is able not only to effectively relieve seizures, but also anxiety in the patient;
  • has the ability to cause amnesia (amnesic effect);
  • increases the effect of sleeping pills (with anesthesia);
  • is able to develop reactions when consuming alcohol, analeptic drug, neuroleptics and drugs.

 It is recommended for patients with increased irritability, various mental disorders (of senesthopathichypochondrical, obsessive and phobic nature) to normalize healthy and full sleep. Valium is taken to relieve anxiety, an excited state when psychomotor agitation is detected. In addition to the elimination of insomnia and anxiety noted in patients, the drug is prescribed for:

  • convulsive syndrome;
  • muscle spasms;
  • treatment of alcohol dependence.

 Prolonged reception of Valium can lead to dependence on a tranquilizing agent! The drug is classified as a tranquilizer (group – benzodiazepines). It is valued for its sedative, pronounced hypnotic effect. It is able to simultaneously reduce the feeling of fear, suppress anxiety, effectively acts with emotional overstrain, relieving stress, significantly improving the tone of the muscular system, eliminating the manifestations of convulsions.

Indications for use

 The attending physician should prescribe effective treatment, having previously analyzed the clinical picture of the established disease, revealing sensitivity to the drug and the complex of the prescribed drugs.

In psychiatry, Valium is used to treat:

  • alcohol withdrawal syndrome;
  • hypochondria and tantrums;
  • phobias and dysphoria of various origins.

Indications for the use of Diazepam in neurology:

  • for neurological disorders;
  • spinal cord injuries and lesions;
  • neurotic manifestations;
  • manifestations of epilepsy;
  • elimination of reactive or psychosomatic disorder;
  • localization of the spastic state of the central nervous system;
  • prevention of febrile seizures.

 The drug is recommended for functional disorders of tone, motor activity, violation of the functions of the nervous system (vegetative).

Contraindications and limitations

We should note the intolerance of Diazepam in case of:

  • acute manifestations of liver and kidney failure;
  • identified symptoms of hypersensitivity;
  • suicidal manifestations;
  • identified dependence on drugs or alcohol;
  • severe pathology of the respiratory system;
  • identified hypercapnia;
  • ataxic manifestations (spinal and cerebral);
  • pronounced pathologies of glaucoma;
  • conception (I trimester);
  • feeding the baby with mother's milk (up to a month).

 Valium is contraindicated in severe forms of myasthenia gravis, when special sensitivity to the drug is noted.

In addition to addiction, dependence on the drug, there may be a syndrome of consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to take special precautions so as not to cause:

  • muscle weakness;
  • lowering the normal level of performance;
  • manifestations of rebound (undesirable effect – reverse action).