Sarasota, Florida Golf Courses: Your Championship Greens Await!!

Located on the picturesque Gulf Coast of Florida, Sarasota emerges as a sanctuary for those passionate about golf. It offers a diverse collection of championship courses. The courses are designed to challenge and delight golfers regardless of their experience level.

This guide covers esteemed courses. It includes the renowned fairways of TPC Prestancia and the storied grounds of Sara Bay Country Club. It takes you on an exploratory journey across 15 of Sarasota’s premier golf destinations. Each course has a unique character and design. Each promises to make your golfing trip unforgettable. They blend the thrill of the game with the unmatched beauty of Sarasota’s coast.

You might be drawn to the strategic complexities of a PGA tour-tested course. Or, you might be drawn to the serene ambiance of a classic club. In Sarasota, the golfing scene is set to offer a great experience. It will captivate and challenge you from the first tee to the final putt.



1) University Park Country Club

●     Location: Nestled in Southwest Sarasota, this gem is a stone’s throw from the idyllic Siesta Key.

●     Designer: Crafted by the visionary Ron Garl, its layout harmonizes with Florida’s natural beauty.

University Park is lauded for integrating the natural landscape into its 27 diverse golf holes. This creates a serene yet stimulating golfing environment. Its comprehensive Golf Academy and top-tier practice facilities cater to all skill levels. It is a nurturing ground for both budding and seasoned golfers.

2) TPC Prestancia

●     Location: Gracefully situated in Palmer Ranch, this club is a testament to Sarasota’s luxurious golfing scene.

●     Designers: The combined genius of Ron Garl and Robert Von Hagge has birthed two legendary courses.

The Stadium Course at TPC Prestancia is renowned for hosting prestigious PGA events. The equally challenging Club Course adds to the diverse and enriching golf narrative. These courses present golfers with various experiences. They include historic tournament grounds and strategic play that tests skill and strategy.

Membership here grants access to exceptional courses. It also connects you to an exclusive network. This opens up opportunities for a golfing adventure that spans some of the most celebrated courses worldwide.

3) Sara Bay Country Club

●     Location: Positioned just north of Sarasota, this club is a sanctuary of golfing tradition.

●     Designer: The legendary Donald Ross left his mark here, creating a course that’s as timeless as it is challenging.

Sara Bay Country Club is known for its exceptional greens and an aura of exclusivity. Every putt rolls true on immaculately manicured fairways. Its timeless layout pays homage to the golden age of golf. It transports players to a serene haven where tradition and elegance intertwine seamlessly.

4) Founders Golf Club

●     Location: Located in the tranquil setting of East Sarasota, this club offers a peaceful escape from the urban rush.

●     Designer: The acclaimed Robert Trent Jones, Jr.’s design is a masterpiece of golf architecture.

Nestled within serene natural woodlands, Founders Club offers a golfing journey that engages both the mind and the senses. Its secluded ambiance guarantees an intimate and uninterrupted round. Its many facilities cater to every golfer’s desire for comfort and convenience. They ensure an unforgettable experience.

5) Legacy Golf Club at Lakewood Ranch

●     Location: At the heart of Lakewood Ranch, this course is a beacon of golfing excellence in Sarasota.

●     Designer: Arnold Palmer’s design philosophy shines here, offering an inviting and challenging course.

Legacy Golf Club is renowned for its elevated tees, which offer panoramic views. The club promises an immersive experience amidst its natural surroundings. From novices to seasoned pros, every golfer finds joy in its well-designed layout. Legacy is dedicated to excellence. Each visit leaves an indelible mark on the memory and creates cherished moments for all who tee off here.

6) Rosedale Golf And Country Club

●     Location: Situated in East Bradenton, just a short drive from Sarasota, Rosedale is a verdant oasis.

●     Designer: Ted McAnlis artfully utilized the natural terrain to craft a beautiful and challenging course.

Rosedale Golf & Country Club beckons golfers into a harmonious rhythm with nature’s beauty. It promises a captivating experience at every turn. Rosedale has meticulously manicured fairways and abundant native flora. Every visit is a tranquil retreat for the soul. Players find sanctuary and excitement equally on this esteemed course. Whether navigating challenging hazards or reveling in the serene ambiance.

7) Aileron Golf Club at Sunseeker Resort

●     Location: In Port Charlotte, near Sarasota, Aileron is a beacon of modern golf.

●     Designer: Kipp Schulties’ innovative design elevates the golfing experience.

Aileron Golf Club at Sunseeker Resort epitomizes luxury and refinement. It offers an unparalleled golfing adventure amidst breathtaking vistas. The club has a carefully crafted layout and attentive service. Every moment at Aileron Golf Club is an indulgence in both sport and relaxation.

Whether savoring the culinary delights or teeing off against the backdrop of scenic beauty, guests are treated to an unforgettable escape into the world of premier golfing excellence.

8) Wellen Park Golf And Country Club

●     Location: In the charming city of Venice, this club adds a modern twist to Sarasota’s golfing scene.

●     Designer: Gordon Lewis’ vision comes to life in a challenging and inclusive layout.

Wellen Park Golf and Country Club beckons golfers with its picturesque setting and inviting layout. It promises a golfing haven where enjoyment knows no bounds. Its well-groomed fairways and top amenities create a mood of leisure and refinement. They invite players to immerse in the game.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned golfer, Wellen Park provides the perfect backdrop for a day of camaraderie and skill refinement. It ensures an unforgettable golfing experience for all who grace its greens.

9) Heritage Harbour Golf Club

●     Location: Just east of I-75 in Bradenton, this course offers a blend of accessibility and seclusion.

●     Designer: Crafted by Arthur Hills, Heritage Harbour is a testament to thoughtful golf course design.

The course weaves through natural preserves, presenting strategic challenges that reward thoughtful play. The welcoming clubhouse and well-equipped pro shop make the golfing experience better. They make Heritage Harbour a must-visit for those seeking a thoughtful round.

10) Waterlefe Golf And River Club

●     Location: This club offers a unique waterside golfing adventure along the picturesque Manatee River.

●     Designer: Ted McAnlis skillfully incorporates the river’s natural flow into the course design.

Known for its signature riverside holes, Waterlefe presents a golfing journey where water is a constant companion, adding beauty and challenge to each round. The club’s amenities, including a renowned golf academy, ensure a fulfilling golfing experience.

11) Heron Creek Golf And  Country Club

●     Location: In North Port, south of Sarasota, Heron Creek offers a tranquil yet diverse golfing environment.

●     Designer: Arthur Hills’ 27-hole masterpiece is a dynamic exploration of golfing challenges and scenic beauty.

Heron Creek has unique elevation changes and natural obstacles. They invite golfers to experience many golfing landscapes in one place. The Golf Learning Center and expansive practice facilities are ideal for golfers looking to elevate their game.

12) Long Marsh Golf Club

●     Location: In the serene community of Rotonda West, this club offers a touch of the Scottish Highlands in Florida.

●     Designer: Ted McAnlis’ vision of a links-style course comes to life amidst Florida’s natural beauty.

Long Marsh Golf Club’s strategic mounding and bunkers echo the Scottish links style. They offer a round that challenges both mind and body. Long Marsh invites players to navigate carefully. They must execute precise shots. The course has unique design and a big landscape. Golfing at Long Marsh rewards skill and strategy. It is a favorite among enthusiasts who want a real test of abilities.

13) Rotonda Golf And Country Club

●     Location: Spanning the community of Rotonda West, this country club offers an unparalleled variety of golfing experiences.

●     Designer: The designer of Rotonda Golf and Country Club is Arthur Hills.

With four distinct courses, including The Palms and The Hills, golfers can embark on a new golfing adventure with each visit. Each course has unique challenges and looks. They range from water-laden landscapes to tough greens. They ensure a fresh experience each time.

14) Serenoa Golf Club

●     Location: Tucked away in Sarasota, Serenoa is a haven for golfers who cherish the intellectual side of the game.

●     Designer: Mark Alden’s design is a strategic playground, with water in play on every hole, demanding precision and forethought.

The picturesque setting of Serenoa Golf Club enhances the challenge. Water is in play on every hole. This demands precise shots and strategic planning. This harmonious blend of natural beauty and golfing rigor ensures an unforgettable round for players of all levels.

15) Tatum Ridge Golf Links

●     Location: On the eastern outskirts of Sarasota, Tatum Ridge brings a piece of Scotland to the Sunshine State.

●     Designer: Inspired by traditional Scottish links, Ted McAnlis crafted a course that blends Sarasota’s natural beauty with timeless golf design.

At Tatum Ridge Golf Links, the 13th hole is the course’s signature. It shows the blend of beauty and challenge. This iconic hole is set in a serene wetland. It captures the essence of Tatum Ridge. It gives golfers a memorable and stimulating test of skill. They play amidst the picturesque landscapes of Florida.

In A Nutshell: A Golfing Paradise Unveiled

Sarasota has a rich tapestry of golf courses. It attracts golfers seeking diversity, challenge, and beauty in their golfing experiences. The greens at University Park are meticulously maintained. Serenoa has strategic water hazards. Each course in Sarasota offers a unique journey through the game we love.

As you plan your next golfing adventure, let the championship greens of Sarasota, Florida, guide you. Every swing brings a discovery, and every round ends with the anticipation of the next.



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