Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium is a renowned research institution and public aquarium located in Sarasota, Florida. Established in 1955 by Dr. Eugenie Clark, also known as “The Shark Lady,” Mote Marine Laboratory focuses on marine research, conservation, and education.

The institution is dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge about the oceans and their ecosystems, with a specific emphasis on addressing critical marine issues such as coral reef health, marine biodiversity, sustainable fisheries, and ocean acidification. Their research spans various fields, including marine biology, ecology, veterinary medicine, and oceanography.

Mote’s public aquarium offers visitors an opportunity to explore and learn about marine life through interactive exhibits featuring a wide range of aquatic species, including sharks, sea turtles, manatees, otters, and various fish and invertebrates. Visitors can also participate in educational programs, guided tours, and special events designed to raise awareness about marine conservation and the importance of preserving ocean environments.

Additionally, Mote Marine Laboratory conducts outreach programs, collaborates with other research institutions, and works closely with policymakers and stakeholders to apply scientific findings for the betterment of marine ecosystems and sustainable resource management.

Overall, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium serve as a vital hub for research, education, and public engagement aimed at understanding, preserving, and protecting our oceans and their diverse inhabitants.


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